Pacific Lodge No. 50

Stated Meeting

2nd Tuesdays

“Freemasonry has promoted fellowship, it has nurtured brotherhood, it has practiced charity. It has education, it has been founded on truth and the cardinal virtues. But what is Masonry’s greatest mission in life today? What should be the thrust of modern Masonry? Those are the answers we are presently seeking, and on our success in finding the answer depends the future of our Fraternity.” – L. L. Williams

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We are very selective on who we choose to join in our cerimonies and rituals. The meeting take place in our dedicated building here in West, Salem. Initiation is the first membership ceremony. It lasts for about one hour explaining Freemasonry and creating a sense of bonding and Brotherhood. Only Freemasons may attend this ceremony, however family and friends are welcome to attend the public portions of the event.

Any man may inquire on membership regardless of family affiliation or personal connection. In fact, We are not allowed to 'solicit' for new members, but may answer questions about the organization and what it is like to be a member. If you are interested to learn more please fill out the form and a member of this Lodge will get in contact with you.