Pacific Lodge No. 50

Stated Meeting

2nd Tuesdays

What do Freemasons do?

A Freemason's first Masonic commitment is to attend the regular meetings of his Lodge. If you have the ambition to become the Worshipful Master you will need to become an officer of the Lodge, and for that you would need to become practiced in our ancient customs and ceremonies. This will require making a commitment to the craft. which requires attendance and participation in the more frequent ‘instruction’ meetings.

Visiting other Lodges is a well-ingrained activity in which Lodges universally engage to build and widen fraternal associations and friendships. As a candidate you would usually accompany fellow members of this Lodge and when you are raised to a Master Mason you would be able to visit local Lodges independently and from around the world.

All Lodges have an active social life both within and outside of the Lodge in which wives, partners and families are frequently involved.

Charitable activities can include both financial assistance and hands-on involvement.

The Benefits of Membership

Fellowship - Freemasonry induces a strong bond between members and produces life-long friendships. Members enjoy mixing and working with men of high integrity and strong principle.

Benevolence - An essential element of Freemasonry is the care for the needs of Masonic Brothers and the whole community. All Freemasons promise to be aware of the needs of those around them.

Self-development - A Lodge provides opportunities in organization management, public speaking and other character-building skills.

Life balance  - In the 21st Century, life can be hectic and stressful. Freemasonry is seen by many to be an oasis where calm and order prevail, therefore providing a distinct and refreshing channel where a busy man can find diversion and relaxation.

Family - Most Lodges offer social programs to provide opportunity for partners and families to widen their social engagement with others with common interests.

Qualifications for Membership

First freemasonry accepts men of good character. There are very few limitations, but here are some important exceptions:

•18 years is the minimum age with no upper age limit.

•Men of many faiths are accepted and all candidates must be able to declare a belief in a Supreme Being and afterlife (open to individual interpretation).

•You must be an upright and law-abiding citizen and able to afford the modest fees without detriment to your family or livelihood.

•All Lodges ask prospective members for character references and we may require a background check on those who petition for membership.

Rituals & Ceremonies

The main ceremonies and the ritual contained in them are the three Degrees of Freemasonry. These are stages of the membership all candidates must pass through on their journey to becoming a Master Mason. The ceremonies are in the form of dramatically portrayed allegorical stories in which the candidate is taught about Freemasonry and the principles it upholds. These steps, known as Degrees, represent three stages in a man's life from ignorance to knowledge to wisdom. They are known as 'Entered Apprentice', 'Fellowcraft', and 'Master Mason.